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Bella Thorne had a caliente bikinied Mexican holiday this Valentine's

02.16.2016by: Cherry Liquor
If you were holding out hope for some bikini pictures of Bella Thorne to hurry up and take place now that she's of legal ogling age, thank her boyfriend for taking her to Mexico this Valentine's weekend. The hottest piece of no-longer-jailbait was looking fit and relaxed in a polka dot bikini on Saturday (I have yet to see the extensive paparazzi shots of Bella in the striped number she was wearing in the pics she posted on Sunday but I'm sure they'll trickle in soon enough) while she was caught snogging actor boyfriend Gregg Sulkin. With the legal drinking age in Mexico clocking in at 18, at least we don't have to make snarky comments about Bella getting illegally served as she often is while out partying in Hollywood. However, I'm also not cruel enough to post pictures of her plastered all over her man, so here's the bread & butter shots, fellas! Enjoy!

Source: Daily Mail


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