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Bella Thorne goes from red to raven-haired

12.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

"... This is called a metamorphosis. Inside, it's going through changes. Lots of changes." Someone must have fed Bella Thorne after midnight; the young chameleon has certainly gone through some transformations over the past few months. Unnecessarily losing weight, adding some nasal accessories (seriously, why?) and now, changing her most distinctive feature: that beautiful head of red hair. I could have made my peace with her attempt at attracting bull fighters (i.e. dangling a gold ring from the center of her nose) but going from red to raven requires more understanding than I can muster; it was one of my favorite Bella Thorne features. Hopefully, this experiment gone wrong can be easily reversed. In order to enjoy this photo set, however, I didn't have to do much, except to focus attention towards my other two favorite features of Bella... her tits. Here she is airing them out in public. Now if only she would multiply when making contact with water.

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