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Bella Thorne goes for a braless stroll with buddies in Hollywood

05.10.2017by: Cherry Liquor
At this point, I'm forgetting if Bella Thorne does anything other than hang out with her peons and run around without the proper undergarments in place. I know she used to be considered an actress who appeared on a Disney show that I never watched, a hot teenager that everyone was frothing at the mouth waiting to turn of legal age so they could cast in her shit, all of which hasn't really shown up (that Tyler Perry Halloween movie, I suppose, and some TV show based on a YA book, but really... she's isn't an A-lister). At this rate, Bella might be headed for Lindsay Lohan territory long before she's actually become the next Lindsay Lohan. At least everyone wanted to hire the redheaded nightmare when she was still viable, before her parents went and screwed everything up for her. I'm beginning to think that Thorne was spawned from the drip tray underneath a 7-11 Slurpie machine. We get it, darling. You have a nipple piercing. But much like I don't want to see the waitress at Denny's reach into her mouth and twirl around her tongue piercing, I don't think it's necessary to wear thin white sweaters on an unseasonably cold Southern California day to know you've got titty jewelry. It's already unsightly seeing that cow ring you think is attractive.
Source: Saw First


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