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Bella Thorne gets digitally manipulated in VVV Magazine

03.11.2016by: No Cool Handle

I can understand why someone would want to manipulate Bella Thorne with their digits, but I can't - for the life of me - figure out why someone needs to f**k up a perfectly sexy photoshoot with an excessive amount of digital manipulation. At first glance I though this fine youngin was mocaped for an appearance in a new Duke Nukem game before I realized, nope, they are actual photos. Lets break this down: You have a stunning 18 year old girl in a variety of skimpy lingerie; an 18 year old girl with perfect, creamy skin. But for reasons unknown, the decision is made to smear the hell out of it until every thing that makes her identifiable as real is gone? Smart - and by smart I mean f**king stupid. VVV Magazine needs to redeem itself in the eyes of the internet by releasing the un-doctored images, ASAP. And some of the top brass needs to fall on the sword for allowing one of the sexiest set of Bella Thorne photos to date be sullied by some Photoshop junkies unstayed hand.

Source: VVV Magazine


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