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Bella Thorne calls a seductive shotgun

05.04.2016by: Droz

Is there anything Bella Thorne wont do to show off for a camera? I'd say that's a resounding "no," once you factor in these pics of her turning the normally mundane routine of getting into a car into something akin to a sexy modelling session. It also helps that she's wearing super tight ass jeans and a tank top that shows off her tits, but then she's got those sorts of things on regardless of any nearby paps. The funny part is how pretty much anything she gets up to is going to wind up on social media eventually anyway. This girl has her Snapchat app going 24/7, just uploading every moment of her life into a continuous series of online teases. You can actually piece together these pap pics and Snapchat pics into a timeline of events unfolding in the life of Bella. And what an inspired life she leads.

Bella Thorne Tank Top Snapchat Bella Thorne Tank Top Snapchat
Source: NSFW


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