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Bella Thorne braless in a tight dress is just quality moviemaking

05.11.2016by: Droz

I'm frequently critical of the way Bella Thorne lives her life and some of the things she does for a living. I mean let's face it - spending most of your free time obsessed with social media apps and making dumb-looking movies like this YOU GET ME thing aren't exactly the height of sophistication. Then again, girls her age aren't supposed to be philosophers and great thinkers. Snapchat and Instagram are pretty much made for her demographic. There's one thing which does allow me to heap a ton of admiration and fascination on Bella, namely her unbelievable body. Just look at her in this dress. Holy f*ck! Is she sex personified or what? There's not an inch of her I don't lust after with a desperate, slobbering, aching desire. I don't think there's a better put together woman around right now. Not just in Hollywood or celebrity circles. I'm talking about the whole damn human race now. Just astounding.

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