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Bella Thorne battles calories in spandex fatigues

03.23.2016by: No Cool Handle

Despite being covered in camouflage, the paparazzi were easily able to spot Bella Thorne out waging war on any and every extra pound looking to invade her tightly fortified territories. Perhaps someone should have told her that grayscale, not green, camouflage is better suited when traversing the urban terrain of Beverly Hills. No matter, it's not like these are your standard issue military fatigues anyway, although, they would provide a unique way of distracting the enemy, giving sharpshooters that extra second needed to accurately fire a large caliber bullet into their f***ing face. That kind of violent description may seem extreme, but as far as last looks go, it's actually the most humane way to send someone up to the Almighty. Let me pose a quick question: Do you think Bella Thorne is going commando while going commando? I'd like to think so.

Source: Got Celeb


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