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Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey play a public game of grab ass

10.03.2016by: No Cool Handle

By the look of these photos – featuring an unbearable amount of public affection between Bella Thorne and her new male accessory (Tyler Posey) – gazing upon her tight rear end now comes at a price. Fantasizing over what you're never gonna get shouldn't be this much work, but if you want to check out Bella, you have to do your best at looking past the prospect, or perhaps, the official boyfriend – no easy task considering the amount of grab ass that's going on in these photos. After her whole bisexual, revelatory thing, I was hoping the next time she took a suitor it would be that of the female persuasion; no such luck. Despite having her pick from anyone on the planet (male, female or she-male), Bella opted for the kind of guy you'd expect. If he didn't already have a gig on MTV's TEEN WOLF, he's someone you might see in a catalog modeling Vans shoes; complete with feathered hair and a nose ring. If I wasn't so envious, It'd be easier to hate on him. Few will ever know what it's like to truly enjoy Bella Thorne's "company." And unless you're this guy, we'll all just have to go on imagining the kind of bliss that comes along with fulfilling Bella's desires.

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