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Bella Thorne and her hot friends have fun looking at each other in bikinis

02.20.2017by: Droz

Bella Thorne's bikini adventures continue down Cancun way, only now she's got some hottie friends to keep her company as they make use of the crowded beaches. The levels of goofiness to this situation become increasingly hard to ignore once they pull the camera out and start snapping off pics of each other. For one thing, I'm sure they're perfectly aware of the fact that paps are taking pics of them. Makes it seem a little redundant to be taking pics of each other while others are taking pics of them. Why not just wait until the pictures show up here on Movie Hotties and then ogle yourselves along with the rest of us?

Even more silly is how these 3 feel the need to keep themselves constantly in a viewfinder of some sort, be it for endless social media posts or whatever. You'd think with that being the essence of their day job, they'd want to get away from such things while on vacation. It seems nothing severs Bella's thoughts from her rankings. Yes, we can all see she and her friends are very hot and bangable. But if being that way means one has to become a slave to their social media standing, that's only gonna make being fat and ugly more appealing. At least we can sit and read a book, or have an original thought occasionally without getting Snapchat involved.

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