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Bella Hadid wears a barely visible top during Paris Fashion Week

01.23.2017by: No Cool Handle

At what point does a hottie forgo wearing a shirt altogether? I only ask because of this tit-filled set of Bella Hadid photos. The mopey-faced fashion model was spotted on a night out in Paris, sporting a fashionable top that can't possibly help retain body heat, conceals absolutely nothing (seriously, describing it as sheer would be wholly inadequate) and looks like it would dissolve in warm water. I only wish that designer jacket would have stayed in a nipple-revealing position longer because this girl possesses quite a pair. Besides being one of the fashion industry's hottest commodities, this stoic beauty would be perfectly suited to play an android in a new Alien movie, or a 'Synth' on the AMC show HUMANS. She has the empty vessel thing down pat. What truly lies behind that expressionless visage? I don't know; I'm too busy looking through her invisible shirt.

Source: NS4W


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