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Bella Hadid took slit dresses to an absurdly hot extreme at Cannes

05.18.2016by: Droz

Sorry this wasn't that other 19-year-old modelling Bella we've all become enamored with lately, but Bella Hadid is no less a hottie than the other Bella. Nor is she any less fond of showing off her tight ass body to everyone in sight. Just check her out on the Cannes red carpet, wearing this red hot slit dress riding up to insane heights. Bella has become one of those stone face models who tend to annoy me, but I wont deny how crazy hot she is despite whatever visage issues she might have. She and her sister Gigi are two of the sexiest new faces around right now, but I think Bella outdoes her sis in terms both of beauty and body quality. As for who's better between the two new Bellas, I'm not sure. We'd need to get both Bellas together in a T&A show off battle before we could come to a conclusion on that. Keep your fingers crossed for that.

Source: NSFW


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