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Bella Hadid selects her sexy wardrobe on a shoestring budget

12.19.2016by: Droz

I had a cousin from the redneck side of town as a kid who wore pants not unlike Bella Hadid was wearing for this dinner thing she attended this weekend. He had to contend with hand-me-down clothes already worn out by his older brothers, so it wasn't uncommon to see him with safety pins holding together his baggy, threadbare pants. He wore those as matter of necessity. It was either that or not have pants at all. Apparently that look is now a fashion trend. I wonder how many hundreds of dollars Bella paid to look like my redneck cousin from the back woods. No telling. But then there hasn't been much utilitarianism in fashion trends for quite a few decades now. More like desperate searches for any kind of new look, even those that might have previously been considered crude and ugly.

No matter. The important part here is that despite the silliness of her outfit, Bella still looks hot. Her flat abs coupled with ample hips are quite erotic. You don't see that combination very often. She also looks rather cute here with her braided pony tails. Normally she's always got that damn stone face on, but here she actually allows herself some room to emote. I can't speak to her fashion sensibilities, but Bella herself is starting to grow on me.

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