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Bella Hadid relaxes in Miami in a tiny white bikini

05.01.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I had to go figure out what the hell the Fyre Festival was, since most of the new surrounding Bella Hadid this weekend had more to do with than than her appearance poolside in Miami in a tiny white bikini. I guess there was some luxury music festival, whogivesashit thing set to take place in the Bahamas that didn't go down the way it was supposed to. Bad things included not only booking oh-so-2017-relevant performers such as Ja Rule and blink 182, but the fact that those famous people were never paid. Well... famous people such as Kendall Jenner were paid, about $250,000 to send out a promotion tweet about the event, but everyone else got the shaft. Bella was also one of those people who blasted out on social media about the $1k-$150K per ticket festival, but she's also one of the few who has since apologized for doing so, explaining that she was unaware of the full details. You have to give her that at least. And be grateful that her other way of making amends was putting that top notch body of hers on display for us to ogle and forget that we couldn't even afford to go to that spectacle to begin with.
Source: Got Celeb


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