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Bella Hadid puts nipple to Paper magazine, looks like sister Gigi in blonde

12.07.2016by: Cherry Liquor
It looks like it's the year of Bella Hadid published nudity. Earlier this year we got a chance to check out Bella's free-spirited nature when it comes to showing off her perfect physique in its nude form for GQ magazine and she's since done so many sheer and see-through appearances from Paris Fashion Week to attending other model's birthday parties that we just can't keep up. Now, for her shoot with Paper Magazine, the very publication that brought us the Kim Kardashian's internet breaking nudes, Bella is busting out her newly pierced nipple once more. This is a far more tame shoot than the one they got out of Kim, but Bella has plenty of time to work her way up to breaking all things shared, so don't worry. For the time being, mazel tov!

Source: High Snobiety


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