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Bella Hadid makes upskirts a new Cannes red carpet tradition

05.18.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Last year at Cannes, it was this red high cut number that launched Bella Hadid into the hottie stratosphere and the lovely model hasn't slowed down since. She's become known for showing off her bits and pieces in see-through outfits either on the catwalk or while she's rubbing elbows with other model hotties such as Emily Ratajkowski. So it made sense that Bella would choose to wear another high slit dress to the opening ceremonies over in Cannes this year, only she got a blast of wind to the crotch and ended up showing off her knickers as a bonus. It's a shame that Bella doesn't smile more, as when she does there's a uncanny resemblance to Jennifer Lawrence when she does. The dour expression keeps her employed but those natural smiles make her infinitely more charming.
Source: Harper's Bazaar


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