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Bella Hadid just can't stop being sexy all over Paris

06.13.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Last year, I was all about Gigi when it came to the Hadid sisters, tending to shy away from Bella Hadid because her cold, stony faced expressions did nothing for me. What a difference a year makes. After being criticized for her weight during Paris Fashion Week runways, as well as being attacked by that douchebag who keeps manhandling celebrities for shits & giggles, it seems as if Gigi has tried to stay away from the spotlight while losing a little too much weight for her frame. And I don't know if someone started coaching Bella about smiling but holy shit does this woman look amazing when she flashes that million dollar grin of hers. (Actually, with her boom in popularity amongst designers and fans, multiply that million by 12 for her current net worth.) The leggy brunette was seen all over Paris this week, including at the French Open where her little Nike tennis skirt & sports bra ensemble had me thinking of the company's famous "Just Do It" motto. Because whoa. Damn, she looks good.
Source: WhoWhatWear


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