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Bella Hadid inaugurates our afternoon of fine bikini ass

07.19.2016by: Droz

It's the time of year for gazing a fine bodies on beaches. Soon enough they'll all be bundled back up in fall and winter clothes, making us miss these days. Better to enjoy them while we have them. That's what the 3 ladies we got lined up for you today are for. Now Bella Hadid here is something of a quandary. On one hand she's definitely put together in a superior way. Looking at her in pretty much anything lately is proof of that. Girl is not shy at all. The one issue I have with her is the seemingly contradictory nature of her attitude. I mean she'll show you everything, except for anything in the way of emotion. She's always got that model dead face on - even when she's not modelling. What the hell is that about? I realize most celebs in her arena feel like they have to abide by a persona they establish with the public. I'm not sure stoned face exhibitionist is the best choice there. Although I could forgive Bella those slight transgressions, provided she continues to walk the streets like this:

Bella Hadid See Thru

Source: NSFW


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