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Bella Hadid has a Flare for taking her clothes off

09.13.2016by: Droz

It's amazing how both Hadid sisters make it nearly impossible to pick a winner between them. Just when I think maybe there's one who deserves more praise than the other, that's when the other one puts out some new spread or does an especially sexy public appearance and totally throws everything into question again. The latest Hadid sister salvos come from Bella Hadid who's spreads in Flare and GQ magazines this month prove she aims to win this competition. Girl does know a thing or two about getting that T&A out, or nearly out. You wouldn't think someone so young would be down for all that quite yet. But as many in her generation repeatedly prove, there's not much room for modesty or shrinking violets among their lot. Nope, they pretty much started from day one getting their tits and asses out for everyone to see. I'm not complaining. Get as naked as you like whenever you like is what I say. For these fine, young things, those are words to live by.

Source: FlareGQ


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