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Bella Hadid doesn't need no stinkin' bikinis as she goes nude for V magazine

02.16.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I get the distinct impression that the frowny face Bella Hadid is making here in this gorgeous black and white shoot for V magazine is meant to be directed at all of those happy chicks from Sports Illustrated as they don bikinis and soak up the sun in their tropical locales. Bella has never been one to shy away from flashing a nipple or two (you can spot it happening a couple of times in this spread even) or even going fully nude for other magazines, so this might be one of the tamest displays of flesh from the younger Hadid sister. I have to imagine the only reason why she wasn't approached by Sports Illustrated is because Bella's smiles are so few and far between and they like that kind of thing around there. Then again, they might very well have approached her and gotten turned down Wednesday Addams style, as I always imagine Bella responds when broached for silly requests such as smiles.
Source: Daily Mail


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