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Bella and Dani Thorne share their special brand of sexy with Rome

07.11.2016by: No Cool Handle

Rome seems an appropriate city to sight-see with your nipple showing, although, it's not quite fair, Bella Thorne stealing attention away from all the Byzantine architecture and Renaissance art work. Nude figures and paintings were cultural symbols of antiquity the same way superheroes are cultural symbols of the modern age. I was born in the wrong century; I would rather have partaken with an entire generation of artists who spent their days busting out the female form than among an entire generation of nerdy filmmakers photographing dudes in tights.

Thank whatever God you believe in Bella Thorne is over there, proving to the enlightened that we have more to contribute to global culture than characters who can beat to shit out of each other for two hours without a mark to show for it. Us Westerners can create beautiful works of art like Bella with nothing more than our DNA and the backseat of a car. It would be easy to state the cynically obvious like: the Thorne birds – that's Bella and any one of her sisters; in this case, Dani – are a sign of cultural decay, but I disagree. I find Bella to be an infectious representation of youthful exuberance, a perfect example of the wonderfull creation that is woman; any one of her candid photos could be hung in the Villa Borghese Gallery.

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