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Being famous is fun for Sophie Turner

04.13.2015by: Droz

So how are ya'll feeling about Sophie Turner's Sansa Stark character turning to the dark side?

They seem to be purposefully making a very Sith like statement for Sansa and her new life mate Littlefinger this season. That turn to the dark side is more than just skin deep for Sansa. Suddenly she's all plotting and scheming and shit just like everyone else on this show. About time. You can't stay innocent and vulnerable on this show and expect to live.

Sophia continued the dark beauty theme with some tight pants while showing some love to her fans today. All that black made a nice contrast against her stunning red hair. You can see she enjoys being famous and clearly gets a kick out of all the attention she gets. That's refreshing. So many celebs want to make their fame into a pyre upon which their lives and any possibility of happiness burn away. That's silly. Why not bask in the love like Sophia does? She gets it. Actors have enough drama in their day jobs. No point in bringing it home with them.

Source: Superior Pics


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