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Beiber's ex, Alexandra Rodriguez, rocks a metallic bikini in Miami

05.04.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I suppose I should mention that Alexandra Rodriguez isn't the first Alexandra Rodriguez that you're going to see pop up on Google if you go searching for her by name. That honor goes to a Venezuelan beauty pageant contestant who doesn't have the distinction of being one of Justin Bieber's many model exes. The laughable part is that when Biebs started showing up on Instagram hanging out with Rodriguez, there were some who referred to her as a Selena Gomez lookalike. You take a look at her Instagram and tell me if that claim holds any merit. Personally, I think Gomez is more of a natural beauty, even if she does have all that money to help nature out. Alexandra has a great bikini body, aided by some implants and what might be a butt enhancement (that shit is getting too prevalent these days) but it's impossible to deny that she didn't hold that metallic bikini together well while cruising the beaches in Miami this week. I just want to know if Bieber's semen tastes like chocolate or something because I cannot see a single speck of appeal to that kid, even with all the money/fame/reportedly big penis.
Source: Got Celeb


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