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Before we get new Baywatch, let's flashback to young Yasmine Bleeth

03.03.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I am compelled toward those people with darker hair and lighter eyes and back when the original Baywatch crew was running on the beaches, I thought Yasmine Bleeth was far sexier than Pamela Anderson, the show's biggest contributor to the world of boners. I think what I appreciated most is that even as polished as Bleeth could come off, there was an aura of naturalness to her that didn't exist in Anderson. She had curves that weren't assisted by plastic surgery (her Got Milk? ad in that white swimsuit that was juuuuuust translucent enough) and a bubbly persona that got even the South Park guys interested when they cast her in BASEKETBALL (or maybe someone else did, who cares, I still liked her in that too). Unfortunately, it seemed as if Yasmine was getting an assist from cocaine in keeping her weight down, having found herself arrested in 2002 for possession and sentenced to 2 years probation, effectively killing whatever game show center square action she might have had in the mid 2000's. The more current images floating around of her are as sad as one might expect - gone is the coke body, replaced by puffy alcoholic face, meaning she'll probably be the hold out when it comes to guest appearances in the upcoming BAYWATCH film with The Rock and Zac Efron. What once was... almost makes me appreciate Pammy's decision to be a wacky vegan.
Source: NS4W


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