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Beers and bikinis: Just another day at the office for Emily Ratajkowski

03.10.2017by: No Cool Handle

While an entire generation of average citizens work themselves into an early grave, Emily Ratajkowski spends her time on the clock drinking beer in between moments of strutting around in curve accentuating swimwear. No one ever said life is fair but this is some bullsh*t, right here. Her office is Malibu beach and her list of labor duties begins and ends with looking hot. I had half a mind to express my bitterness over this egregious imbalance by refusing to spread this rather large collection of images, but the booty-filled frame and slight nip slip left my will to do so weekend; my resolve suddenly nonexistent. Most will have no choice but to abandon their principles when facing a hottie with such mesmerizing power. The only viable option left will be to give themselves over to a body capable of captivating hearts and minds. In other words: Enjoy the ass and titties now, cry about your crappy job later.

Source: NS4W


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