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Become intimately familiar with Megan Irwin

03.28.2016by: No Cool Handle

Who doesn't love a fresh sexy face, especially one that's as photogenic as Megan Irwin's? I know, I know – who? At this very early stage in her young career all you really need to know is this Aussie babe has an awesome body and is willing to show it. Click through this mega collection from Gooseberry Intimates and see said awesome body in skimpy lingerie photograph from a shit-ton of angles. We get it all: ass, legs, see-through, spread eagle, bent over, thongs, sheer bras, all fours and even some ass crack, not obscured or merely implied in any way – fantastic! By the time you click through the almost 40 photos that make up this collection, you'll be as intimately familiar with her as such indirect interfacing allows for. What do you guys think? Is she hot enough to eventually be recognized among lingerie models most elite?


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