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Becky G stayed true to her Ranger coloring at the Power Rangers premiere

03.24.2017by: Droz

There seems to be a consensus among many POWER RANGERS fans that Becky G is an excellent choice to be this movie's Rainbow Ranger, as it were. Yes, if you didn't already know, Becky's yellow ranger turns out to be the first lesbian superhero. I don't know if that implies Becky will be getting with any girls in the course of this movie. I assume they'll do something to point out her LGBTQ affiliation, but don't expect that to be anything more than an implication. This movie gets its PG-13 for depictions of violence, not sexual content. Sorry fellow pervs, but at least you can look at Becky here at the POWER RANGERS premiere and get a nice mental picture of what it would look like after the Rangers are done defending Earth from the forces of corny-looking evil and Becky's character celebrates with a little lesbian companionship. I've got a nice little picture of that in my mind which is very clear.

Becky G sexyBecky G sexy

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