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Beckinsale's "Truth"

01.14.2008by: Seth Gecko

I'm very happy to see that our divine goddess here at (You all know her as Kate Beckinsale) is really getting into the dramatic roles quite a bit more and it's great because she really is a great actress and not just sex on two legs (Alba anybody?). She's sexy, funny, smart and talented so we're definitely going to see a lot more of her in the future.

With all that said and done, we're very happy to present all of you with a first look at Kate's upcoming new drama called "Nothing But The Truth" in which she stars alongside Matt Dillon, David Schwimmer, Vera Farmiga and many others. The story revolves around Kate who plays a female reporter from Washington D.C. who could face jail time due to the fact that she outed a CIA agent and refuses to name her sources. It looks like it could be a sweet story and adding Kate in the mix just makes it better.

The promos below are great and we're definitely looking forward to this one. We're just crossing our fingers now that Vera Farmiga is some super-hot female prisoner that's shacked up with Kate and then they're both so lonely that they start touching and kissing....there's an image for you. So enjoy the promos and watch out for the film when it hits the big screen everywhere on September 19, 2008.



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