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Beach vacays give us a peek at Isla Fisher's great cleavage

12.14.2016by: Droz

Australia's Bondi beach is apparently their version of Miami. It's where many of their finest hotties go to show off sexy during their summer time, which is our winter up here in the northern hemisphere (that never gets any less weirder). Being flipped upside down in more ways than one doesn't seem to stop the Aussie hotties from letting their goodness out. I think Isla might have been trying to keep her good bits covered, but the notoriously unrelenting forces of nature down there had other ideas, unleashing some aggressive wind to let the cleavage peek out. For once something good comes from nature's apparent fury with Australians. Then later a different kind of Isla cleavage popped out when she underestimated the length of her towel. Just gotta face it, Isla. Nature wants to see your T&A just as much as we do. Too bad the same can't be said for some of her movies this year. Fortunately we have the internet to bring us what's most likely one of the few reasons to watch KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES, namely Isla and Wonder Woman making out. You're welcome.

Source: GCeleb


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