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Beach bunny Alexis Ren hops into a variety of skimpy swimsuits

02.13.2017by: No Cool Handle

She may be the quintessential Beach Bunny but that ain't no cotton tail Alexis Ren has got back there. No, that's a fully formed, wonderful to behold, ass – one perfectly made for filling out a variety of bikini bottoms. No matter the size, cut or style, Alexis Ren's ass looks absolutely entrancing in anything she packs it into. It's for this very reason Beach Bunny recruits hotties with particularly nice backsides. Seriously, you could visit their site and see a who's who roster of the best bikini asses in the biz. Not just Alexis Ren, but stunners like Kara Del Toro and Daniela Lopez Osorio in an extensive catalog of bikini photos, all thrown in and mixed together. It's like a bowl of spicy ass soup served up piping hot. We're only a month and a half into the new year and already Alexis Ren is putting in a significant amount of sexy modeling work. If this current trend continues, we'll see you in about an hour for the next set of fresh Alexis Ren pics.

Source: Beach Bunny


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