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Beach babe Selena Weber finds a new friend to show off hot asses with

02.27.2017by: Droz

Our new friend Selena Weber had a new friend of her own, model J Lynne, along on one of her "look at me" beach adventures. Suddenly this heretofore unknown model somehow plucked from among a vast throng of models crowding Miami beaches, has become a new internet phenomenon. It's pretty obvious why that is. Just look at the girl. She wears bikinis and thongs about as well as anyone else you're going to see around here. She has just the right ass for such things as well. Sure, there are larger asses out there fully capable of swallowing whole some stringy little number. Selena is more democratic in her hotness. She keeps the booty action in reason, so as to please a much wider and diverse group of people. And just like most models, she's a total glutton for attention, which means a near constant stream of imagery coming our way of her fine, birthmarked ass. In any other reality where Selena wasn't showing off her ass to the world, that sexy birthmark would have become a naughty little secret between lovers. In this reality it's more like a calling card, ensuring we'll always be able to tell Selena's ass from the rest.

Source: NSFW


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