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Be careful not to strain your eyes on Lisa Opie's tight arse

03.13.2017by: No Cool Handle

It's easy to look at a former beauty pageant winner like Lisa Opie and think of her carefree life as "easy," but staying hot definitely requires a bit of diligence. Ignore even one part of that anatomy for a moment and she puts her entire livelihood in jeopardy. Imagine having to live in a perpetual state of angst over losing your ability to appeal to the opposite sex. Everyone knows that feeling, but we don't rely on that appeal to support ourselves. That's why you constantly see hotties like Lisa jogging, weightlifting or doing yoga; they have to maintain their sexiness lest the bills go unpaid. Based on the sight of Lisa Opie's ass, as seen through a pair of sheer spandex, the former Miss Florida USA should be able to keep herself in lunch money for years to come. There's also some time to land a rich Miami local. Let them worry about financial pitfalls, Lisa need only worry about what thong to wear on her next beach outing.

Source: NS4W


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