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Battle of the Babes Popstars edition: Miley Cyrus vs Selena Gomez vs Hilary Duff

08.15.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Canadians are popular, from the feedback I've seen over the past few weeks while we analyzed the hotness of the women of the north. (I'll post the ultimate winner tomorrow.) Thinking along those lines, I came up with the next Battle to the Finish, this time instead of popular locations... pop Stars. I understand that it's hard to label most music into specific genres. Except for the Top 40 pop stuff, right? How about this week we start off with some former Mickey sistah wives.

Miley Cyrus

I know that while she was under der Fuhrer Mouse, there was that long hair and pre-veneer smile, Miley was still in the jailbait pool. While I'm more impressed with her the older she gets it seems as if the former fans are turning on the more edgy Miley, the one who has cut off all her hair, the one who openly admits that she'd rather smoke marijuana than drink alcohol, the one who rocks the white trash with money styles. Is she still hot enough (or NOW hot enough) to be your pick this week?

Selena Gomez

I suppose there should be a deduction of points in the hotness scale of Selena Gomez because she was publicly attached to that Canadian lesbian, but there are a lot worse options for those pop stars trying to escape from the castle. I can't think of any right now, but I'm sure I will because, well, Selena deserves that. Does she deserve your vote this week?

Hilary Duff

Going back to the older Disney babes and into new MILF territory, let us not forget that Hilary Duff had a successful pop singing career after she left her Lizzie gig, even if we need to consider that she was dating that dude who went on to make babies with Paris Hilton's friend at the time. Now with the gym walks in regular effect, I'd like to throw Hilary out there again since I'd like to watch her come... back. How about you?

Which former Disney popstar is tops: Miley, Selena, or Hilary?

Source: IMDB


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