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Battle of the Babes Popstar Semifinals: Nelly Furtado vs Joss Stone vs Kylie Minogue

10.24.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Appears, if last week's battle results are any indicator, that whether or not she goes up in weight, it's still pretty hard to beat the heavyweight hotness of Christina Aguilera, the first babe in the Popstars edition to move on to the final three. This week we're pairing up the babes who took their respective countries, Canada, England and Australia. Great accents all around...

Nelly Furtado

When it comes to the babes from the North of America, it's Nelly Furtado and her sexy bedroom eyes that make it to the top, besting the likes of Avril and not even seeing people like Celine in her rear-view mirror. Say it right and this 34-year old MILF songstress will move on to take the second spot in the popstar finals.

Joss Stone

One of the most natural and relaxed singing beauties to come out of the UK in a long, long time, Joss Stone easily swept her England battle, besting Lana del Rey and and Jessie J, a couple of the more pop culture fashionable stars of recent years. She's sexy, she's talented and she's an animal lover who has rescued all of her pups from shelters after the trauma of a foiled kidnapping plan, turning that negativity into something positive.

Kylie Minogue

Minogue has been around for years, easily topping some of the short-lived careers of fellow Aussies in music. Even battling cancer couldn't keep this sexy 45-year old petite doll down. She topped Natalie Imbruglia and Lisa Mitchell to win her first battle... are you going to push her to a win here?

Which accented babe is top of the pops this week: Natalie, Joss or Kylie?

Source: IMDB


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