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Battle of the Babes Popstar Semifinals: Katy Perry vs Nicki Minaj vs Amy Lee

10.31.2013by: Cherry Liquor

First slot in the finals went to Christina Aguilera, the top queen of the teen pop sensations. Second slot in the finals went to Nelly Furtado, proving that out of the other countries producing pop sensations, Canada has the largest clout. Now, it's time for us to figure out which all-American babe is going to round out the final battle. Have fun...

Katy Perry

Since this battle is landing on Halloween, it's making a lot of sense that one of the most costumed pop singers of recent years is a part of the festivities. It's also great timing since just last week Katy Perry's latest disc, "Prism," got released for you to roar to. Will she easily best her competition... dumb question.

Nicki Minaj

She looks like a character from the "Thriller" video at times, making this Halloween timed battle a chance for the scary-hot Nicki Minaj to top her fellow pop stars. If you can overlook her surgeries, or perhaps, better yet, if you're a fan of them, I'd say that Minaj has the chops to be the top dish here.

Amy Lee

I didn't time this bettle for it to inadvertently feature a singer who dresses up in different cartoonish costumes, or a singer who looks like a Halloween costume as a person in general or even a singer who has the spooky pipes that are great to spin her songs on a dark and ghoulish night. But it appears that Amy Lee fits into this All Hallow's Eve battle just as well as her other competitors.

Which babe will scare up the most votes from you this week: Katy, Nicki or Amy?

Source: IMDB


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