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Battle of the Babes Popstar Semifinals: Hilary Duff vs Ariana Grande vs Christina Aguilera

10.17.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Whew... am I glad to be done with looking through all that popstar meat. I keed... I keed... I will always love to figure out which piece of tail is being billed as the next big thing in the world of pop music. It's more exciting that waiting for Ben & Jerry's to put out a new limited edition flavor. This week we start the first of three semi-final rounds, leading up to an ultimate popstar goddess. Let's begin with the pre-fab pop singers who had the teeny-bopper TV stations pushing the swell behind them.

Hilary Duff

For those of you who were big Disney fans from more recent years, it appears that the top House of Mouse babe for you was Hilary Duff. The Duffster has been more about being a Momster and showing off her Dumpster in those yoga pants she's always seen wearing around town. I suppose most of you have forgotten by now that one of the Madden twins helped boost her career before she hit the ice with Comrey. I haven't... I liked her a teensy bit better then.

Ariana Grande

The current top pop babe from the Nickelodeon station might be on the radar for most as being Victoria Justice, but the numbers are in her former co-star, Ariana Grande's favor. Grande's debut pop album dropped this year to big numbers, mostly pushed from kids pestering their parents to buy them the disc while at Target. Personally, Grande has more personality to my tastes than Justice and I don't care if I'm alone on that.

Christina Aguilera

She's not Britney and that's a good thing. Brit-Brit has her own number working, what with the tiny head jerks that she works, bitch, in her music video these days, labeling that as dancing. It's really always been Aguilera that you went to for the thick vocals, regardless of what the thickness of her waist was for the given year.

Which teen sensation pop star is the top pop for you: Hilary, Ariana or Christina?

Source: imdb


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