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Battle of the Babes Popstar Edition: Lana del Rey vs Joss Stone vs Jessie J

09.12.2013by: Cherry Liquor

(Hey: I'm still doing quarter-finals here. It's an ultimate battle of popstars and we're only 4 rounds in, in case you needed the reminder to follow along. Thank you.) I didn't think that Avril Lavigne still had as strong of a following in the hottie department, but after last week's battle of the Canadian pop stars, I guess I was wrong. Even still, Avril LOST to Nelly Furtado who will move forward into the semi-finals. This week, let's hop the pond and listen to you dissect the reasons why the singers I chose aren't really "pop."

Lana del Rey

I would have much rather preferred to have Adele in this spot if I'm being honest and I'm not as huge of a fan of the singer as you might imagine. I have listened to and will not say that Lana del Rey doesn't have a decent voice, I'm saying I just don't like her music. I also think that while she's pleasing enough looking, she's not as "whatever" key term that the talent reality shows use. But I understand she's a popular current flavor, so here she is.

Joss Stone

Joss Stone isn't what I would categorize as a pop singer, so I'll take the hits there gladly. But she's talented, she's gorgeous, she's had a life of extremes that weren't coordinated by her PR team and she's a shelter dog rescuer. Hot. Hawt. HOTTIE.

Jessie J

I don't watch the MTV VMA's as I've mentioned before. If something gets talked about repeatedly, I'll go look up the video later in the evening, but I'm not a slave to the "live" broadcast. Jessie J definitely counts as a pop music singer, she's certainly cute and unique looking and that performance at the 2011 VMAs where she blinged out her gimpy leg and made the show go on with that infectious smile made me like her a little more than I ever intended to.

Which British Pop Singer makes you stout: Lana del Rey, Joss Stone or Jessie J?

Source: IMDB


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