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Battle of the Babes Popstar Edition: Gwen Stefani vs Hayley Williams vs Amy Lee

10.10.2013by: Cherry Liquor

So y'all weren't super happy about picking from the lesser of the three evils in last week's Battle, which matched up three of the top pop singers with weird looks. By a thin margin, the thickness of Nicki Minaj took the win and we get to move on to the last compilation of pop singers - this week it's the final quarterfinals pairing the top female lead singers, mm'kay?

Gwen Stefani

She's just a really hot girl, even as the No Doubt lead singer moves into 44th year on this planet (her birthday just passed on October 3rd). Gwen Stefani has been a lead singer, a lovelorn lady lusting after her bandmate, the couture girl in movies, the hot solo artist, the wife and milf, and now is back to fronting her boys again. But is she the hottest of our leads this week?

Hayley Williams

Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams might have nearly 20 years less on her than Gwen, she's definitely the highlight of her otherwise blah pop group. Appearing in magazines like Cosmo because that cartoon orange hair makes her a highlighted moment in musical history, not to mention those piercing eyes and sharp cheekbones, Williams is just as much fun to look at as she is to listen to.

Amy Lee

Her band, Evanescence, might have been through the wringer over the years when it comes to staying together and producing new material, but Amy Lee's pipes have never wavered. The sexy brunette is known for being a force, even after people dogged on her for gaining some more womanly curves.

Which lead singer would you put up in your front: Gwen, Hayley or Amy?

Source: IMDB


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