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Battle of the Babes Popstar Edition: Avril Lavigne vs Carly Rae Jepsen vs Nelly Furtado

09.05.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Hey: I'm doing quarter-finals here. It's an ultimate battle of popstars and we're only 3 rounds in, in case you needed the reminder to follow along. Thank you. Last week was a piss-poor match-up in terms of whether Schmoes still respond to those that they once held in favor a long time back, so since Christina Aguilera has her shit the most together in current time, she was the winner. During the upcoming Semi-Finals rounds in future weeks, she will be paired against Hilary Duff and Ariana Grande. I've been told I think "too hard" about these things, but that's how I roll and I'm not apologizing. For the next set of PopStar Quarter Finals, we're going international in the sense that I'm from the US. This week, let's hit up Canada, my favorite hat of all.

Avril Lavigne

Funniest thing about Avril is that I really do think that she's a particularly cute and somewhat unique beauty, no joke. I don't think that she needs all the pink and the poseur attitude, especially if she thinks she's going to prove something when she hails from Canada and is going to marry the dude from Nickleback. Her music is catchy, her crooked smile is adorable. I shouldn't, perhaps, but I like her a lot.

Carly Rae Jepsen

She came out of nowhere and became a viral sensation when her song "Call Me, Maybe" hit the airwaves and every person had to parody the damn thing to death. Yes, the concept within the lyrics is pure cheeseball but the video for the song is very cheeky and sweet. Jepsen can also sell herself with her ideals - she recently declined performing for the Boy Scouts Jamboree due to the discrimination against gays in the organization. So she's super hot, can sing and this early on in her career doesn't care about making a political statement that might throw her trajectory off track. I totally dig.

Nelly Furtado

For the longest time I swore that Nelly Furtado was from Australia. Why? Because I'm an ignorant f*cking American like that. Furtado was born in Victoria, British Columbia and in the upper Northern America for most of her life. Not only is she hot (that might have something to do with her Portuguese heritage - Furtado can speak Portuguese, English and French fluently, multi-tongue are sexy), she's talented and she's so far from the cringe realm that Celine Dion came from, you can't blame me for not believing she could have come from the Land of the Canucks, right?

Which Canadian Pop Singer gets your maple to ooze: Avril, Carly or Nelly?

Source: IMDB


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