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Battle of the Babes Pay Cable Hotties: Emilia Clarke vs Alexandra Daddario vs Emmy Rossum

01.23.2014by: Cherry Liquor

I honestly thought that Natalie Zea would be the easy winner of last week's Battle of the Justified Babes, but it seems that I'm not alone in my constant girl-on for Amy Smart, as the new addition to the show trumped her competition. This week should be even harder for the majority of you, seeing as how this past Sunday's episode introduced you to a lot more of one of the entrants than you've seen from her in the past. Nice thing about pay cable, though: all of these babes have been paid well enough to be featured frequently nude.

Emilia Clarke

It's interesting to me that there's been what seems to be a very recent backlash against the honorable Khaleesi, aka "Game of Thrones" babe, Emilia Clarke. Since I haven't seen the third season of the show yet, I have to wonder if her character did something to make the tides turn and cause people to proclaim that Emilia's not all that. Personally, I prefer her as a brunette. She looks far sexier in that natural hue but I wouldn't turn her down as a blonde either.

Alexandra Daddario

It was nearly three years ago when I featured Daddario in a Hot or Not feature, in which I proclaimed her hot "with a good likelihood of becoming volcanic in her future." Can I start laughing to the bank against the 27% of respondents who didn't think she was hot? Does it really only take a showing of naked (natural, insanely perfect) boobies to change so many minds? Seems as if "True Detective" has a true beauty on their payroll.

Emmy Rossum

The fourth season of "Shameless" is now in effect and the trials of Fiona Gallagher aren't slowing down, so it's only sensible that Emmy Rossum hasn't missed a step in her sexy coolness? Just this past Monday night Rossum took to "Chelsea Lately" to drop some F-bombs, mock Giselle for claiming she was a multi-tasking mother hard at work and kick around those long, perfect legs of hers. It's hard not to love Emmy.

Which pay cable beauty makes you want to drop the bills on her: Emilia, Alexandra or Emmy?

Source: IMDB


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