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Battle of the Babes New York Queen Finals!! Scarlett Johansson vs Deborah Ann Woll vs Kate Mara

06.06.2013by: Cherry Liquor

It was a landslide win for ScarJo in the first of three semi-final rounds to determine which New York born actress should carry the royal crown for the East Coast. Then Deborah Ann Woll's fans came out to support their redheaded vamp, securing her second position in the finals. Surprisingly, while I knew that she was my personal favorite, I wasn't expecting a Kate Mara win in the final of the semis. So here are your top three reigning New York Babes. Who will be your ultimate choice?

Scarlett Johansson

I never figured her for a New Yorker. Then again, after a slew of roles where she was supposed to look tough, I figured she would suck as Black Widow in IRON MAN 2 and was happily surprised when she kicked ass then and later when reprising the role in THE AVENGERS. She's been an all time favorite for some time. Will Scarlett Johansson be your all-time favorite New York hottie?

Deborah Ann Woll

I would say that it's a surprise that so many of you have taken so strong to DAW, an actress who did little to no acting work in the show biz industry until she was cast as Jessica on "True Blood." But beyond that role, on a show with an audience coming to enjoy the copious sex and nudity, there is something special about Woll that resonates right out of the screen and into your blood. I wouldn't be surprised if you were bewitched to the point of crowning her New York Queen Hottie.

Kate Mara

I was surprised to read a comment from last week which complained that I had used a "bad" picture of Kate Mara. She's a gorgeous natural redhead with deep eyes, a curvy build, a tease of a smile that does so much more than whipping out a mouth full of whitened caps. Crazy, sexy, cool, that's Kate. How could ANY picture of her be a bad one?

It's the finals, baby!!!! Do what ya gotta do to bring your babe to the top, be that Scarlett, Deborah or Kate. Ready? GO!

Source: IMDB


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