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Battle of the Babes New Generation Edition: Dylan Penn vs Jane Carrey vs Zoey Deutch

01.02.2014by: Cherry Liquor

Last week there was no love for Zoe Kravitz, as she was shut out from surviving the Battle of the Apocalypse Babes when she went up against Rinko Kikuchi and Saoirse Ronan, who tied for first place. Guess it's hard to pick when there's the end of the world in your face. So let's start over for this new year by looking at a few of the most beautiful faces from a new generation of hotties spawned from the celebrity gene pool, how about that?

Dylan Penn

22-year old Dylan Penn wasn't messing around when she took to the pages of GQ photospread, gaining the appreciative gazes from those who grew up being in love with her mother, Robin Wright. You've got to forgive a girl here since I'm probably in the minority but I'd always had a thing for her bad-boy actor dad, Sean Penn and if the photographers shooting the buxom, gorgeous blonde are proof that they're trying to draw a link between Spicoli and her greatness in bikinis, I can't fault that logic one bit.

Jane Carrey

I might be the only one who has found Sean Penn attractive over the years but judging by the bevy of beauties that funnyman Jim Carrey has courted over the years, I'd say that I'm not the only XX possessor who thinks he's a handsome fella. So it makes sense that his 26-year old daughter Jane would have fallen close and cute from her father's tree. The Canadian flag/leaf tattoo that she sports is only inked icing on her well-constructed cake.

Zoey Deutch

Little Miss Amanda Jones was destined to grow up and have some gorgeous children but I still find it hard to do the genetic math between the stunning Lea Thompson and her not-that-great-looking producer husband, Howard Deutch, mashing up to make the mesmerizingly beautiful Zoey Deutch. The 19-year old beauty has something extra to her beauty - she's proving herself to be quite the apt actress in features lately.

Which New Generation Babe kicks your year off right: Dylan, Jane or Zoey?

Source: IMDB


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