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Battle of the Babes Justified Edition: Joelle Carter vs Natalie Zea vs Amy Smart

01.16.2014by: Cherry Liquor

Now that we've got a couple of episodes of the fifth season of the popular FX series "Justified" under our respective belts, I thought we could get on to the more important debatable aspect of the show. The women who inhabit its universe. Sure, I could go on for days about just how hot Timothy Olyphant is and has been over the years but then you'd all be whining about my ode to his cheeky sneer and my desire to verify my assumptions about his sausage, so I'll just move on to the ladyfolk instead.

Joelle Carter

I actually know very little about Joelle Carter because outside of her role as Ava Crowder on "Justified," she hasn't had a role that's been memorable enough for my bank. But she is a pretty and strong blonde who has a justifiable motive for a lethal act, so there's that bit working for her.

Natalie Zea

Obviously the main female meat on the show, Zea has been kicking around the television channels the past year, doing double duty on both "Justified" and "The Following." It's a benefit to the viewers, who get to mire themselves in Nat's beauty as well as her magnetic talent as an actress. I think it's the eyes, but then again, there are times when you're just not looking into those.

Amy Smart

Joining the cast just this season (on this week's episode, to be most precise) I can't add anything about Smart's character. (I haven't watched her episode yet.) I can only tell you that I'm inexplicably drawn to everything this willowy blonde does and when I noticed that she was jumping into the series this season, it made me pay attention.

Which Justified star do you most want to break the law with: Joelle, Natalie or Amy?

Source: IMDB


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