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Battle of the Babes Hunger Games Blondes Edition: Leven Rambin vs Stephanie Leigh Schlund vs Natalie Dormer

12.12.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Why was there no Ginnifer Goodwin in last week's "Once Upon a Time" battle? Because I really don't care for her. Plus it was a great way to see Jamie Chung take a win. Did I stack the deck? Sure. When does the deck not get stacked to the advantage of the one creating the game? That thought made me think of all the hotness that is going on in THE HUNGER GAMES movies, which has lead me to assembling this fine crew of babes for you to choose from.

Leven Rambin

I think the first time I paid attention to Leven Rambin it was when she played the very annoying character Riley on "The Sarah Conner Chronicles." Since then, this gorgeous Texan hasn't had much luck in gaining favorable character roles, including playing District One killer Glimmer in the first HUNGER GAMES film. Still, for a homicidal blonde, she sure wore it well.

Stephanie Leigh Schlund

One of the kinda cool things I figured out about the 27-year old actress when I looked her up after finding out that she was joining the band of tributes in CATCHING FIRE was that Schlund spent a year as a model on the seminal TV game show, "The Price is Right." She certainly didn't get that much screen time as Cashmere the District One returning victor in the second HUNGER GAMES flick.

Natalie Dormer

Love her or hate her for that pixie face and perpetual smirk, Natalie Dormer is adding her unique flavor to the final two installments of the Girl on Fire series as Cressida, one of the reporters from the Capitol who helps to depict Katniss in her ultimate sympathetic martyr casting. All of it just adds up to a full cast of total babes.

Which Hunger Games blonde most sates you: Leven, Stephanie or Natalie?

Source: IMDB


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