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Battle of the Babes English Lads Edition: Benedict Cumberbatch vs Michael Fassbender vs Tom Hiddleston

11.28.2013by: Cherry Liquor

This Battle is dedicated to my friend Cat, a lovely lass from the great Northern country of Canada, who might not be celebrating her Thanksgiving today but still needs some great eye candy to satisfy her hunger. She's my go-to when it comes to all things fangirl regarding the men of this match-up, now the fourth year where I've focused on the delicious male members (heh heh) of Hollywood who absolutely are sights to be thankful for. This one's for you, Cat... good luck at picking a winner!

Benedict Cumberbatch

So the blonde hair that Cumberbatch was saddled with in THE FIFTH ESTATE didn't do any favors to his already fairer-than-fair complexion, but that doesn't detract from the fact that this is one super-sexy, totally hot Brit. Whether he's moistening panties from doubling down on his English lad hotness doing a Rickman-off with Jimmy Fallon or just plain owning films like STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS, we're slowly all turning into a bunch of Cumberbitches.

Michael Fassbender

(OK, so he's German born. I blame INGLORIOUS BASTERDS for my geography education.) If he wants Magneto to be any more magnetic than the character already is, sexy man Michael Fassbender might want to consider pulling a SHAME moment and whipping out the Fassboner. Once you go totally full frontal, it's a bit hard (yeah, I said it!) to get people to think of you in any other way than down on Carnal Street. Doesn't hurt that on top of the great looks and the shiver-inducing accent he's also one of the masters of the craft as well.

Tom Hiddleston

I gotta say, when I first saw Tom Hiddleston, he was in full Loki regalia and I was not impressed in the slightest. All the chicks I knew who were lusting after that character made me want to mass lobotomize them. But when I took a good look at Hiddleston outside of that get-up and saw the feisty man in his natural state looking that Englishman fly as well as him being a dancing machine, it was very, very hard for me to imagine trying to delay gratification with him. Mmmmm... Hiddle-ookie.

Which English lad makes you thankful we're still good with the UK: Benedict, Michael or Tom?

Extra Tidbit: Last week's results ended in a close win for Deborah Ann Woll, followed by Karen Gillan (with 3 less votes) and Molly Quinn (with only one vote less than Karen) but it seems that everyone is in agreeance that redheads are darn hard to beat.
Source: IMDB


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