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Battle of the Babes: Alison Brie vs Kaley Cuoco vs Rashida Jones (California Queen Finals)

05.09.2013by: Cherry Liquor

In round one, Alison Brie smashed the competition, making her a no-brainer finalist in the Queen of California Battle. While slightly closer in the second round Kaley Cuoco still dominated her competition by a good 6 vote margin. But in last week's roughest of the rough for you Schmoes, it was a come-from-behind (heh heh heh) win by only TWO votes for Rashida Jones! Now it's your turn to place a crown on the head of the hottest actress here who was born in good ol' Cali-for-ni-a.

Alison Brie

Those of you who read the names of those in the final three in the title and were planning on just voting for Alison Brie because it's the hipster internet thing to do these days, proceed. You don't need to read any of this. (I wouldn't be surprised if there were a comment or two about just scrolling right down and voting for her without reading or looking at the other two women. Alison Brie, in my most earnest opinion, has an outrageously fantastic body but a face that teeters between looking slammin' when she's all fixed up and kinda, well, homely when she's not. I'm not as familiar with her acting as those of you who love her are, so do whatcha gotta do here.

Kaley Cuoco

I won't even lie, I know that there are times when Kaley Cuoco's face looks a little... let's say, "not perfect." She has unique features that aren't seen on every other single blonde who works in the business. The thing that kills me about Kaley is that you can look up any interview she's done with anyone over at YouTube and she's down-to-Earth, funny, not afraid to speak her mind. She doesn't attend basketball games trying to look like a glamourpuss. She shattered her leg in that freak horse-riding accident and yet STILL got up back on a horse. She's tough, sexy and spot-on with her comedic delivery. I'm proud she's from California.

Rashida Jones

A famous family and a Harvard diploma aren't the only things keeping Miss Jones afloat in Hollywood. First, she's beautiful. I can't demean her by just calling her hot. She's talented, from being a great actress to being a writer and producer as well. She wrote a letter to a magazine back before email, giving Tupac the verbal smack-down. She's just supreme with a side of extra sumtin' sumtin'.

We're putting the crown on the head of which born-in-California babe: Alison, Kaley or Rashida?

Source: IMDB


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