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Battle of the Babes Book Babes Edition: Shailene Woodley vs Lily Collins vs Kaya Scodelario

11.14.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Duuuuude... I never thought I would see it happen in a million years but it happened just last week: Natalie Portman was finally bested in a Battle of the Babes by a woman who has to be her polar opposite - Kat Dennings. Kat won by only ONE vote over Nat but it just proves that the seemingly impossibly isn't always just. This week let';s take a look at some of the beauties who are starring in the book adaptations that are currently flooding the movie market, shall we?

Lily Collins

Collins has come a long way since she was the daughter of Sandra Bullock's Oscar winning lead of THE BLIND SIDE and even further from being known solely as Phil Collins' daughter in real life. Lily helped to carry the adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES into a second movie, even though there were those who doubted that the series could compete with other films off books like THE HUNGER GAMES (similar YA fiction books made into movies, such as I AM NUMBER FOUR, have withered into obscurity). Is that because Lily is the hottest of the adaptations?

Kaya Scodelario

Scodelario got her start in the popular movie MOON, where she didn't get a lot to do but was lucky enough to be cast as Sam Rockwell's cinematic daughter. This time she's going to be put into a coma for THE MAZE RUNNER, where she's the only female in the all-boys community the Glade, where the film will follow what happens in a post-apocalyptic world. You might have seen Kaya on MTV's short-lived Americanized version of "Skins."

Shailene Woodley

The current queen of the book adaptation world is the lucky, lucky Shailene Woodley, having garnered the lead female roles in WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD by Laura Kasischke, DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green. If there's a book looking for a lead, apparently Woodley is the key to its success. I can't blame the casting agents in the slightest - Shailene is one of the strongest young actresses I've seen in decades, rivaled only by the indomitable Jennifer Lawrence. But is she the hottest of those being cast in adaptation movies of late?

Which bookish babe gets you to stay up all night under your covers with your flashlight in hand: Lily, Kaya or Shailene?

Source: IMDB


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