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Battle of the Babes Apocalyptic Babes Edition: Rinko Kikuchi vs Saoirse Ronan vs Zoe Kravitz

12.26.2013by: Cherry Liquor

It's the end of 2013 as we know it... Well, it's actually a few more days until we hit the end of the year but this is the last Battle of the Babes for 2013 so why not go out in apocalyptic style and call upon some of the babes from the neverending selection of end of the world movies that get released every year? These are but three from the many that were released in 2013, it's up to you to decide who survives the cut.

Rinko Kikuchi

I have to rank Kikuchi one the highest in my ranks for the badass women of 2013, especially after witnessing how she could so lovingly bring to life the vengeful woman who grew out of a emotionally scarred little girl in PACIFIC RIM. She fought with the boys (other than that rough Russian, there weren't many other women in the movie or behind the Jaegers) and held her own just fine. It also worked to her advantage that she was very, very fine as a lady person.

Zoe Kravitz

She didn't get as much screen time in AFTER EARTH as the Will Smith offspring whose career his daddy continues to buy and finance for him but Zoe made more of an impact than either one of those Philly boys. A sacrificing woman who protects her family til the end is the kind you want to have playing for your team at the end of the world.

Saoirse Ronan

Ronan had to be the most overqualified actress to appear in a movie written by the woman who should be tacked up by her ankles upside down for bring the abomination that is the TWILIGHT series to light but the box office bomb gave us a chance to see what a gorgeous young woman this acting phenom is turning into as she batted her eyelashes against the impending apocalypse.

Which babe would you most like to greet the end of the world with: Rinko, Zoe or Saoirse?

Source: IMDB


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