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Battle of the Babes Anchorman 2 Edition: Kirsten Dunst vs Meagan Good vs Amy Poehler

12.19.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Seems that most of you weren't really all that interested in the tributes from any district other than Jennifer Lawrence and her fine ass. Sure, Leven Rambin was your go-to girl in a pinch but the response last week was lackluster at best. So I thought maybe we could look at some of the women from this week's comedy release, ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES. If you're noticing that Tina Fey and Christina Applegate are not a part of the mix, then take yourself over to this week's Face Off to debate them. As for this Battle... go forth!

Kirsten Dunst

For whatever reason, I always want to call Kiki (as I've read those that know her have nicknamed her) Krissy instead but that might be from my residual love of Suzanne Somers on "Three's Company." Not bad company to be in, however. It's been awhile since Dunst was in a big budget movie destined for box office glory but she's no stranger to being up against stiff female competition. Does that give her the edge in this battle? Your replies will decide.

Meagan Good

I think Meagan Good is a sexy beast. Hell, even though I'm one of that group of people who think BRICK was a pretentious pile of shit, I still consider that movie to be best remembered as the vehicle for Good's sexy there-were-never-any-girls-this-hot-in-high-school character. Will she be the hot cup of cocoa that this funny man franchise needs? All signs point to the affirmative. Will she be your hottie pick of the battle? You tell me.

Amy Poehler

According to her Hot or Not day in the sun, you're all on board for the sexiness of Tina Fey's comedy sister. She's older than the other babes in this battle but a little seasoning doesn't turn your Schmoes' taste buds sour. Can she hold up against the other news women of the battle?

Which ANCHORMAN 2 babe do you want reading your teleprompter: Kirsten, Meagan or Amy?

Source: IMDB


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