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Battle of the Babes #95

03.11.2010by: Cherry Liquor

With the new DVD release of the classic movie TAPEHEADS, it got me to thinking about how many of my girlfriends and I wanted to grow up and get together with Lloyd Dobler. Sure, that wasn't the movie he showed up in, but for decades now John Cusack has been wooing women with his smooth, laid-back charm, both on screen and in the audience. It surprised me that his sister wasn't the only actress whom he works with on a regular basis (Amanda Peet has been in 3 films with him, Catherine Zeta-Jones has been in a couple). Still, when it comes to babes of a "10" labeled caliber, Cusack definitely has had his pick over the years.

Diane Lane

MUST LOVE DOGS was dogged on by the critics and overlooked at the box office, building up more steam after it was released on DVD and chicks could settle into the story of a woman who is thwarted by her philandering husband and forced into the dating world as an *gasp* ADULT... finding herself in predicaments with Cusack like the late-night in search for the important prophylactics. The two had good chemistry together, but then again, I think it might just be that Diane Lane makes anyone look good.

Kate Beckinsale

Oh, the dreamer's movie, SERENDIPITY, where the idea that you can be out in the middle of a chaotic buying storm and happen upon the woman who is the most perfect person in the world for you not to mention the fact that she's absolutely gorgeous... but you two have other things going on and need to find each other years later because that's the way things were meant to be. The thing that surprises me about this movie isn't that John fell for Kate Beckinsale (or really, vice versa), it's that so many of my guy friends are into this movie when it's such a sappy chick flick of the sappiest, gooiest variety.

Angelina Jolie

But where comes thoughtful admiration and affection, then the outrageous romantic notions, you must follow it up with the nasty habit of sleeping with your co-worker's wife. This was the movie where Angelina fell for her future ex-huband Billy Bob Thorton and where she was still good old-fashioned crazy Angie at the time, knockin' boots with Cusack not because she liked him all that much but mainly just because he was there and she felt like it. Damn, I really miss that Angie.

Who's your favorite babe of John Cusack's "10" women?


Extra Tidbit: Last week we got prepared for history to be made with Kathryn Bigelow winning the Best Director Oscar by granting her only 6 out of the 48 votes over which Golden Schmoe favorite was the hottest. Melanie Laurent was the French babe who scored Nazi deaths & 14 votes and little Miss Anna Kendrick won the battle with 28 or nearly 68% of the total votes. Seems this up-and-comer isn't going anywhere if you Schmoes have your say so. (I included the picture of her with her Twitter account link, if you're so inclined.)
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