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Battle of the Babes #92

02.18.2010by: Cherry Liquor

So many of you all hate me when I complain that I'm not a fan of Martin Scorsese's work. Vintage, early Martin was a genius... the the following years, not so much. However, I am looking forward to seeing his supernatural thriller attempt, SHUTTER ISLAND because while Marty doesn't always have as many meaty roles for women, I like that he added more for this film, including the classy Patricia "Motherlover" Clarkson. Made me think of the older hotties now playing moms in movies. Let's battle that one out this week, shall we?

Sela Ward

I can't believe that I sat through the remake of THE STEPFATHER (although I haven't watched the original, so I can't compare the two) other than getting a chance to look at Amber Heard in a bikini and the movie pathetically trying to pass off Sela Ward as being a frumpy housewife. Sorry, looking at this smoldering brunette (who's going to be 54 in July of this year) and thinking of that low, gorgeous voice of hers whispering into your ear at night is enough to never think of her as being frumpy.

Marg Helgenberger

Perhaps the only thing that shocks me more than reading about Helgenberger being 52 years old is that she was in one of the only movies where Dane Cook didn't suck, playing the mom to a young Danielle Panabaker in MR. BROOKS. This woman is the goddess of aging gracefully as a redhead, there's no other way to look at it other than that. Well, you can also consider that as of this month she's now on the market again, after finalizing a divorce from her former husband of just over 20 years. Cougar alert!

Illeana Douglas

I have to throw Douglas into the mix because she has a certain something that I can't shake for the life of me. She can be odd looking with those saucer eyes, but the woman rocks a mean body in all of her roles, including playing the mom in one of my favorite horror movies of all time (yes, I can say that because I haven't watched as many horror movies as some of you), the twistedly delightful OTIS. Turning 45 in July of this year makes her the youngest of the motherloving lot but there's something about Douglas which just echoes timeless.

Who's your favorite Motherlover of this bunch?


Extra Tidbit: Lots of commentary over which bitchy girlfriend would be the best to have, 46 total decisive votes... and it's Rachel Weisz who wins the crown with 27 of those votes. Christina Applegate coasted in on residual Kelly Bundy cred with 10 votes, nearly tied with "dirty, sexy" Amanda Peet with 9.
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